Work your glutes

Work your glutes


The album “One In A Million" produced 6 singles:

 ♥   If Your Girl Only Knew (released on August 13, 1996)
 ♥   One In A Million (released on December 10, 1996)
 ♥   Got To Give It Up (released on January 27, 1997)
 ♥   4 Page Letter (released on March 11, 1997)
 ♥   Hot Like Fire (released on September 16, 1997)
 ♥   The One I Gave My Heart To (released on September 16, 1997)


One in a Million album was released 27th of August, 1996. It’s the 18th anniversary of this masterpiece.

Aaliyah’s second studio albumOne In A Million  turned 18 years old today.